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SUTECH CONSULTANT is a Thai based, internationally focused company, specialising in the field of sugar technology and related industry. Through the accumulated experience of our engineers, technologists and technicians, SUTECH CONSULTANT has established itself as a successful engineering consultant.





Synchronize with clients requirements and satisfy them with a first class conscientious service that sees the building of close and long term relationship. Conduct all project in a high degree of technical competency in today's competitive and ever changing environment. Maintain strenght in offering the full range of engineering consultancy service in the development of sugar factories, be they either existing or newly erected ones: Increase market penetration world wide,with emphasis on South East Asia as well as to other Asian nations. Promote company management style that fosters strong personal commitment from employees.






SUTECH CONSULTANT COMPANY LIMITED was established in 1994. This company was formerly a division of SUTECH CO.,LTD (established in 1974) and all know how, technology, experience and technical team were transferred to SUTECH CONSULTANT COMPANY LIMITED accordingly.






SUTECH CONSULTANT has considerable project experience, due to the accumulated experience of our engineers, technologists and technicians, since they were all previously stationed at sugar factories operating in Thailand. The project experience are developed further through a rang of challenging projects both in Thailand and abroad.

All project responsibilities from engineering consultancy through to complete turnkey basis are of fered by the company . Our service are also broadened by providing in-depth multilingual classroom instruction and practical hands-on training.

SUTECH CONSULTANT's experienced team of engineers, designers and project personnel can provide a wide range of service including:


Engineering, encompassing process, mechanical, civil, structural, electrical and


instrumentation design and specification.

Procurement of service, materials and plant including purchasing, expediting and



Design and Supply of Machineries .

Freight, shipment and logistics.

Construction management and supervision .

Project Management and Contract Administration.

Project Management and Contract Administration.

Turn - Key Project.






Fundamental and advanced research results in continuous improvements and application teachniques. SUTECH CONSULTANT's engineers, technologists and technical specialists provides our clients activities including



Hands-on training and refinement of existing and new processes and products through close


relationship with clients and industry to give the clients employees the chance to investigate and apply problem solving techiques.

Providing classroom intensive instruction to the client's employees to attain a high of expertise.






The extensive knowledge and expertise offered by
SUTECH CONSULTANT's personal enables the
company to handle a wide range of consultancy
service, including :

Feasibility and Front End engineering design packages.

Conceptual Design for new and estavblished process.

Detailed design of complete process plantsand


plant modifications/rehabilitations

Strategies for modernization and upgrades of existing process plants.

Factory Performance Audit to identify inefficiences and


bottle necks and establish effective technical solutions.

Optimize the recommended approach from engineering and


economic perspective including capital and operating cost estimates.

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